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When a Massachusetts slip and fall accident takes place, it often results in serious and lasting personal injuries. At the same time, slip and fall accidents and the resulting slip and fall injuries can lead to significant emotional distress damages and pain and suffering damages as well. A Massachusetts slip and fall accident can take place at any time and at many locations, such as in a retail store, restaurant, supermarket, construction site or on snow and ice at someone’s home.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your particular Massachusetts slip and fall accident, it is important that you promptly obtain the services of a qualified and highly skilled Boston slip and fall lawyer to help you prove the negligence of the property owner and recover fair and just personal injury damages or wrongful death damages. Our Boston, MA slip and fall law office will work tirelessly on your behalf in order to protect your rights so that you may receive full monetary compensation.

It is an unfortunate fact that Massachusetts slip and fall accidents are the most common cause of injury visits to Massachusetts emergency rooms. This is particularly true for individuals who are age 70 or older. According to the American Center for Disease Control (CDC), there are at least one million Americans who suffer a slip, trip and fall personal injury annually. Further, over 17,000 people die in the United States because of slip and fall injuries every year. In the deeply saddening event that your loved one has died as a result of a Massachusetts slip and fall accident, you should immediately contact our expert Boston, MA wrongful death lawyers at 617-787-3700. Our Boston, MA wrongful death accident attorney specialists have obtained millions of dollars in wrongful death damages for our Massachusetts personal injury accident clients and are available 24/7 for a free and confidential consultation at 617-787-3700. You can also email us at Call or email today!

Massachusetts slip, trip and fall injuries are also very common in the workplace. Such personal injuries make up 15 percent of all employment injuries. Additionally, Massachusetts slip and fall accidents make up between 12 and 15 percent of all workers’ compensation benefits that are paid out.

According to the CDC, between 20% and 30% of people who suffer a slip and fall accident will sustain moderate to severe slip and fall injuries, including bruises, hip fractures or head injuries. These slip and fall injuries can seriously diminish the quality of life of the injured Massachusetts slip and fall victim because such personal injuries can inhibit mobility and the person’s ability for independent living. Massachusetts slip and fall accidents make up 46% of all fatal personal injury accidents among elder Americans.

The Boston Slip and Fall Lawyer Experts At Our Boston, MA Law Firm Are Available to Assist You or Your Loved One 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, at 617-787-3700. Please Do Not Hesitate to Get in Contact With Our Massachusetts Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Attorney Specialists As Soon As Possible at 617-787-3700. We Can Also Be Reached By Email At

In the event that you retain one of our expert and nationally known and renowned Boston slip and fall lawyer specialists or Boston, MA wrongful death lawyer professionals at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates to assist you, our Boston, MA lawyer professionals will make certain that you are afforded top notch legal counsel and service. The Massachusetts slip, trip and fall accident attorney specialists at our full service Boston, MA law firm have a thorough understanding of Massachusetts slip and fall law. If you elect to retain our Boston, MA slip and fall law office to assist you with your or your loved one’s Massachusetts slip, trip and fall accident claim, rest assured that our expert Massachusetts attorney specialists will skillfully navigate through the legal complexities of your case. Our Boston, MA law firm is not content with the outcome of a client’s case unless the client is fully satisfied that he or she has received the full extent of personal injury damages or wrongful death damages that justice requires.

Our Massachusetts slip and fall accident attorney professionals will assist you in obtaining a wide range of personal injury damages. Typically, the damages that Massachusetts slip and fall victims are entitled to recover for their slip and fall injuries include: lost wages; past, present and future medical expense damages relating to your accident; lost future earning capacity damages; permanent disability and disfigurement damages; emotional distress damages; pain and suffering damages; the repairing and replacing of any personal property damaged in the accident; and the costs of hiring in-home care because of the slip, trip and fall accident. In order to recover the highest possible amount of money damages for you, our Boston, MA slip and fall lawyer advocates have the burden of demonstrating that the other party is responsible for your injuries – namely that the other party was negligent. The other party may have acted intentionally or carelessly in causing your Massachusetts slip and fall injuries, and our Boston, MA slip, trip and fall personal injury lawyer specialists are experts at establishing the negligence of the other party.

In order to demonstrate the guilty party’s negligence with regard to a personal injury claim for Massachusetts slip and fall damages, our Boston, MA slip and fall law office must prove four elements: duty, breach, causation and damages. More specifically, it is necessary that our Massachusetts slip, trip and fall claim lawyers show that: (1) the other party owed a duty of care to you or your loved one; (2) the other party breached that duty that was owed to you; (3) when this occurred, it caused you or your loved one to sustain a loss; and (4) the loss included slip and fall injuries.

As an example, a Massachusetts property owner has a duty to exercise reasonable care while maintaining safety at his or her premises. If the property owner does not exercise reasonable care, and creates an unreasonably dangerous condition on his or her property, then the owner will have acted negligently and may be found responsible for your slip and fall injuries and personal injury damages or wrongful death damages.

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